Matthijs Kamstra

đŸĻ„ Unicorn

Unicorn đŸĻ„, Hacker 👨‍đŸ’ģ and Artist 🎨

Matthijs Kamstra has a childish curiosity to the unexpected with the purpose of connecting / activating / motivation / transforming. Powered by Art, Engineering and Playful. ℹī¸

I can help you with:

Seeing the bigger picture

I use a wide-angle lens to solve problems

Visual Thinker

I use pictures rather than words

Highly creative

Be original! (duh)

Think outside of the box

See also previous point

Great conversationalist

Profound in reading people


I only have cool ideas

Critical thinker

Ability to use logical reasoning

Highly resilient and adaptable


I am the creator of the APE method. The APE method ensures that through Art, Playfulness and Engineering a unique user experience is created that connects people.

The APE methodology brings the digital world and the physical world together to bring real connections between people.

People are being dulled by the many notifications they receive and all the fleeting interactions to which we are exposed, real human commitment is therefore hard to find. The APE method breaks this and AIRDANCER ensures in a cost-efficient way that everyone inside and outside your organization can make a valuable connection.

More about the APE-methode

Random work

Example of my work

You can book me for:


I have a fun, relaxed and self-irony speaking style


IOT, Haxe, papertoys, maker


I solve problems fast, able to think laterally

Think outside of the box

Solve problems with an unorthodox approach


Minimal (Viable) Product

Creative Coding

Code is a tool, like paint!


I should write something clever, but I have nothing!

Matthijs Kamstra