Matthijs Kamstra



Paper is not really strong and bending it wil make it even weaker.

So joints are the way to make possible paper.

Very happy with the result! And an added bonus: my hands look like 'strandbeesten'


Basic shape is a Octahedron (cube with the corners cut off).

Vingers have the same dynamic as legs. My first try with a possible toy is OCTA_001.

The head is to heavy for the joints. With a lot of effort it stands.


Basic shape is a cylinder.

More evolved legs, much stronger and more stable.


I started with papertoys because I once saw someone make a vinyl toy from paper.

This is a tribute to a toy company (3A) that makes awesome toys: the 3A bramble.

Grumm extended

My first papertoy creation is Grumm. Normally you customize the skin (print) of Grumm.

But I wanted to take it a step further and make it possible to customize the basic shape of the feet and hands.